Feedbin - A modern feed reading service

Feedbin is a service that makes reading RSS feeds work well on the web or on your devices. Feedbin has its own iOS application, but third party applications also exist for macOS and Android. I personally use NetNewsWire on both macOS and my iPad.

In addition to RSS feeds, Feedbin allows you to subscribe to email newsletters and read them in the same interface as your other feeds. Just subscribe to newsletters with your customized @newsletters.feedbin.com address.

Finally, Feedbin allows you to subscribe to one or more Twitter users’ feeds and see all the posts without all the ads or being tempted by “like” or “retweet” options. If a tweet links to an article, it shows the body of the article right there, without needing to click. (This requires your own Twitter account to get an API key). If you like to follow a handful of Twitter accounts but worry about getting sucked into the attention-grabbing service itself, Feedbin is a great way to do that!

I just switched from a monthly subscription to a yearly subscription, after trying Feedbin for a few months and being thoroughly impressed.