So what is this blog, anyway?

It’s been just about two weeks since I’ve started this blog, and after trying to force myself to write every day, I’ve started to get a better idea for exactly what I’m trying to express. Obviously, different people including myself can have very different ideas about what “improving” the Internet means, depending on their perspectives and motivations. But for me, it really comes down to this idea:

The Internet should strive to serve real humans first.

Sites, technologies, and organizations that treat humans as humans, giving them respect, autonomy, privacy, and dignity, are making the Internet a better place. Sites that treat humans as just sources of revenue, or worse, as the product itself are antithetical to this goal. There is certainly a place for commerce and financial incentives on the Internet, but these should be subservient to treating humans like actual humans.

So one purpose of this blog is to discover, promote, and share information about things that are making the Internet a better place. It may come across as being a bit cheerleading–and of course no person, site, or product is perfect or beyond criticism–but I’d love for this site to be a daily reminder that there is plenty of good on the Internet, if you know where to look.

It’s ended up being a bit more personal than I’d expected. Some of the things I’ve written about are things I have a lot of actual experience with, and others are things that I’ve heard about more or less in passing, but that I think fit in well with the theme of the blog. I want to be honest with my experiences, show how I have incorporated the topics I cover into my life (or plan to).

Thanks for reading, and please send any suggestions for things you think are worth mentioning! The About page has the best ways to contact me.