Indieweb - Restoring people's control over their online presence

The Indieweb is a community promoting the use of individual rather than corporate web sites. It focuses on people owning their own data, on their own domain– both to prevent large sites becoming information silos and to mitigate against the risk of any given product being shut down. Content can be syndicated (cross-posted) elsewhere, like how this site cross-posts to Twitter, but Indieweb community members use their own personal domain as their identity on the web. They interact with others in the Indieweb community, and the broader web, using a minimal set of principles, protocols, and formats.

Its “people-focused” mission makes it the perfect candidate for what Improving the Net is trying to promote. I do have my own domain but still need to add some of the biographical information and links to my other online profiles. Maybe that will be a project for over the holidays!